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Bishop Abioye Reveals What You Should Do Instead Of Praying O God Be With Me

Praying for God to be with you is a popular prayer point. People make this prayer whenever they are about to undertake a major move or embark on a major journey. However, Bishop David Abioye, the vice president of the Living Faith Church, has revealed what you should do instead of praying this prayer.

In his sermon during the May Edition of the Leadership Empowerment Summit, he explained that the greatest benefit of serving God and the interests of his kingdom is access to divine presence. He explained that instead of praying for God to be with you, serve God and his interests, and God will be compelled to give you his presence.

"Some people pray O God be with me. That prayer is good, but why not do what will compel God to give you his presence," he said.

He explained that the presence of God is given to those who will be on the go for him. He pointed out that the closing instructions of the gospel of Matthew was Jesus telling his disciples to go and preach the gospel, and he promised that while they go, he will be with them.

He also shared that divine presence was what made Moses a terror to Pharaoh and the Egyptians. He was not afraid to go back to the place where he was wanted, and declare God's message to let his people go.

"Serve God and the interests of his kingdom. Win souls and serve God in your service unit. You will not need to beg God to be with you. God's presence will follow you naturally," he said.

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Click here and skip to 1 hour 57 minutes of the video to hear the Bishop's exact words.

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