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Various ways we commit sins without knowing

Sin according to the Bible is a reproach to anyone and serves as an obstacle to our kingdom race. In as much as it is difficult to avoid sins, it is an aim we must try to achieve as Christians. There are things that we commonly know to be sins but there are others we often neglect.

Types of sins

For the benefit of this article, we shall be categorizing sin into two. This is aimed at making you get more understanding of the sins we commit without knowing. Here are the two types of sin we shall be considering;

1. Sins of Commission

2. Sins of Omission

Sins of commission

Sins of commission are those sins you commit when you do what God says you should not do. These are the sins we are used to. For instance, sins like stealing, committing adultery, lying, killing, converting your neighbour's properties, oppressing others, etc are sins of commission.

You know about these sins and you know that they are against God's instructions. But what about the second type of sin?

Sins of Omission

When we talk about sins of omission, we are referring to the sins you commit when you fail to do what is right. You know that this thing is right but you refused to do it simply because you feel it Is none of your business. Our anchor scripture is the book of James 4:17

"So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin". ESV

Sins of omission are those sins we usually ignore. To many of us, they are not sins since we are not obliged to do it. We have several instances of these sins which I'm going to outline some of them for easy understanding.

√ Your neighbour spread his clothes after washing and left home. Suddenly, it started raining. You packed yours and left his since they are not yours and he didn't ask you to help him. To you, you have done nothing wrong but I tell you, you have sinned. You know it was the right thing to do but refused to do it.

√ You caught your neighbour's son stealing from another person and ignored him since he is not your son. You didn't report to the parent the same way you didn't discipline him. He might not be your son but since you know what is right and didn't do it, you have sinned.

√ At your workplace, you were lucky to have a piece of information that could save the jobs of your colleagues if shared with them but you did not share. You didn't share because you weren't sent to do that perhaps, you are not the post runner officer. If their jobs are affected, you have done what is wrong.

√ Your neighbour is hungry and you know that he is hungry but refused to give him food (when you have it), it is a sin to you. Even Jesus used it as part of His judgment in the book of Matthew chapter 25 where He said, "I was hungry but you gave me food" to those who would make heaven.

√ Your neighbour ran to you begging for money for surgery that could have saved his life and you refused. You didn't refuse because you don't have, you refused because you don't want to do it. You have sinned and if he dies in the process, it becomes worse. The list is endless.

The race to heaven is a very difficult one. Don't ever let your kind of heart deprive you of getting there.

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