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These 8 Things Can Break Your Fasting During Ramadan (PHOTOS)

Ramadan is a holy month. It is a period whereby muslims abstain from so many things and also practice discipline and giving. They observe the fasting in the morning and break in the evening.

There are some things that can break your fasting during ramadan.

1. When you take a dip in swimming pool water or shower it can break your fasting.

2. Applying lipstick, nail polish and perfumes for women.

3. Closeness between married couples.

4. Cursing, telling tales, falsely testifying, shouting, lying and Listening to music.

5. When water or ear drops enter the ear, nose sprays and eye drops.

6. Vomiting can break your fasting during ramadan.

7. Meaningless and non-productive engagements.

8. Thinking about food can break your fasting during ramadan.

Let all try our best to fast and pray to Allah. He is merciful and he will definitely answer all our prayers.

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