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What Happened After A Prophet Told Flora To Naked Herself In A Beach For Cleansing - Dr Olukoya

Dr Daniel Olukoya, the General Overseer of Mountain Of Fire And Miracle Ministries spoke to his members about, "Connecting To The God Of Prescriptions (3)" at their Manna Water Service.

During his sermon, he revealed that parents, willing and wishing that the problems of their children would be solved, sometimes take their children to places that they should never step into. Some of that is what many people are battling now. You sometimes cannot blame the parents; that is all they know to do. Once problems start, they take the child from place to place.

He then revealed what happened after a prophet told Flora to naked herself in a beach for cleansing. He said, "At the age of 42, it was as though sister Flora was invisible. Men would just see her and walk by. She was a virgin at that age. Men would never say hello to her, and she was a really beautiful woman. She could not understand. So somebody invited her to MFM.

It was after three weeks of deliverance that she remembered what happened when she was younger. Her mother had taken her to a prophet at the bar beach; that prophet should cleanse, sanitise, and deliver her. The strange prophet said that the deliverance would take place at the beach at 12 midnight, and the mother was not to follow them there.

"So this woman gave her teenage daughter to a strange prophet she was meeting for the first time. And she waited inside her car by the main road while this prophet and teenage girl walked to the beach. Indeed, ignorance is a disaster. So, the girl followed the man, and the man brought out a sponge and soap and asked her to undress, which she did. Now, the kind of prayer where a man is bathing a fully grown woman naked is not prayer. So this was going on. All of a sudden, a creature came out of the sea, dragged the girl, and ran back to the sea."

"The man began to shout. He shouted "Jesus" three times and then began incantations. The problem that confronted him made him run back to his real origin first. It was after this incantation that this girl was brought back. From that day on, her problems started."

He then prayed, "I fire back every arrow of parental mistakes in the name of Jesus. Virtues stolen from me as a child, I recover you by fire! in the name of Jesus.

(Fast forward the VIDEO to 3 hours 50 minutes)

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