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What Do You Understand By Spiritual Brokenness?

It is known fact that there is always a diminution in value when something gets broken. In some cases this may also result in rendering such a thing completely useless and no longer of any value. On the contrary, it is not so with the spirit of man. A man's spirit is said to be broken when such man totally yeilds his whole being to God as a sacrifice, holy and acceptable into Gif. He surrender all at the alter of sacrifice. God is well pleased with such a man

We must first of all understand that God created man as a tripartite being having body is where both the soul and spirit are domicile.

When man's life end here on Earth, this body returns back to dust. The soul is that part of man that expresses feelings, desires emotional and passion. The spirit of man is the domain of his will, conscience and the like.

Man is a free moral being. God has endowed man with the power of chioce. The spirit of man determines who he truly is. The spirit of man if not yet broken manifest attributes like pride, self contredness hatred and others. When a man becomes spiritually broken, his lifestyle will be one that is controlled by the spirit and he becomes totally yielding to God as a result of the work of transformation done through the power of the Holy Spirit.

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