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What every Christian should learn from Thanos

When "Avengers: Infinity War" was released in 2018, it was a massive hit, being the highest income grossing movie of all time. The following year, "Avengers: End game" came out and it overtook Infinity War. All were talking about a villain who felt the universe wasn't balanced enough. From this mindset, he began a bid in looking for 6 infinity stones that controlled everything about life not only on earth but in the universe as a whole. And in "Infinity War" we saw how desperate he was in searching for them even to the point of sacrificing his own adopted daughter, one he loved very much. And in Infinity War, he found all of them and snapped half of life out of existence only for Endgame to come and return them back, thanks to the Avengers although it did lead to the death of some of our favorite heroes such as Ironman and Black Widow, with Captain America becoming old all of a sudden.

But what can Christians learn from the villain, Thanos? It's the fact that he was willing to do anything to get those precious stones for his agenda. We as Christians must be willing to do anything for the advancement of God's Kingdom on the earth. In everything we do, seek for the advancement of God's Kingdom on the earth. Seek to establish the ways and the precepts of God everywhere you go. The Kingdom of God is the most important thing right now on the earth. Let us seek to advance it in every way possible and let's endeavor to be in it. Nothing in this life(and I mean nothing in this life) can compare to inheriting the Kingdom. For everyone who makes it there, he or she will know that giving there life to God was completely worth it. Therefore, in all you do, let God and His Kingdom be the centre. Tell others about him. Act his Word out and let men see your good works and glorify the Father which is in heaven. Do anything for it. Give your all for it and if it requires your life, give it all the same. Remember, nothing in this life can compare to the glories of God's Kingdom.

Remember, Christ died and rose again to bring you into this Kingdom.

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