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3 Great Ways Apostle Joseph Ayodele Babalola Has Transformed This Town

One of the the greatest man of God that ever existed in the world, Africa and Nigeria specifically Apostle Joseph Ayodele Babalola Whose memory would forever linger in people of his generation and legacies in this generation. Here is one of his legacies he left behind in a small town in Osun State called Ikoyi. This town is about 25kilometres to Ibadan. However people of different races, tribes and colors are trooping daily into this praying mountain from all over the world.

As Life is filled with series of challenges, problems and difficulties. Some people were able to deal with theirs while some were wiped away without recourse for solution. No wonder the bible says in Job 14v1 " Man that is born of a woman is of few days, and full of trouble".

So as a result of this large patronage of people from far and near all over the world the town where the mountain located and it's environ has immensely benefited to this regard in these following :

1. Economically - The economy of the town has really been boasted as many of the indigenes were gainfully engaged in one business and another. For instance, As a result of mass influx of visitors many of their men are into Okada business while women are into buying and selling.

2. Spiritually - Many of the ministers and pastors working at the mountain are the indigene of the town and they are performing excellently God is using many of them to perform signs and wonders which many of their candidates had testified to the goodness of God as a result of their prayers.

3. Geographically and physically - Their has been great development to the town in the area of building and development of landscape many of the blessed indigenes are just constructing buildings of their choice while some come from outside to erect structures in the town just because of the mode of activities perform daily in the town.

All in the name of prayers and it signifies how potent the power of prayer is anywhere in the world.

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