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Opinion: 3 Things You Should Do Before You Pray

As believers we mostly have this complain that God is not answering our prayers, it's like anytime we pray, the heavens is closed and God is not hearing what we say. This even lead weak Christians to start doubting the existence of God and asking questions if truly God answers prayers.

Well God really does answers our prayers if we are on right terms with him.

There are many reasons we don't get answers to prayers and this absolutely is not the fault of God but our own fault.

Do you want quick response from God Anytime you pray? Then you should know this things before you pray:

1. Turn away from Sin:

If you want to receive answers from God to your prayers, learn to stay away from all forms of sin. Yes it's not possible to stay completely free from sin but at least when we make an effort to stay away from sin, God sees our heart and even helps to keep us. We can also ask for forgiveness of sins regularly and before every prayer is made.

2. Put God first:

People tend to remember God only when they need something from him, only when they are in problems and need to pray. This is very wrong and for this reason, your prayers may not be answered. Put God first by praising and worshipping him Everytime, paying your tithe and offerings, asking him before taking any major decision in your life. When you do this, God will surely be Happy to give you what you ask.

3. Do not doubt:

When you pray and then doubt, you are only limiting your chances of getting answers. Infact, God may have even answered your prayers but due to your unbelieve, the devil can steal away your answers.

Believe, stay away from sin, get closer to God and watch how your prayers will be answered.

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