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The New Commandment Of God That Many Religions Don't Know

Right from the time of our great fathers in Faith in the old testament. The intention of God was not to give the law (commandments) written on a tablet with ink for the people to read daily, but rather desired that the law will be written in the tablet of their heart. The desire of God is to gain access to our heart and this is why Jesus Christ has come to give us the New commandment to fulfil the incompetence of the old commandment.

What are these New commandment?

In our anchor we could see that Jesus gave a clear intention of God by giving the right answer to the Pharisee, Jesus summarized the whole of the commandments into two great New Commandment

A) Love for God: To seek God with all our heart, soul and mind. Our desire needs to grow day after day like David, outlive for God is expressed in our fear(honour and obedience to His instructions)

B) Love for our neighbours: God's desire and expectations from us as a believer is to extend the unfailing, unconditional love to our neighbours. The proof of our love for God is justified also in our love for His people.

Why should we walk in this New Commandment?

If we walk in this New commandment, we shall enjoy the following from God and man:

1. Peace

2. Joy

3. Help

Conclusion: As a believer whom Christ had redeemed and bought with a price therefore we need to walk and work out our total obedience to the instructions.

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