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Don't Be Afraid Of Bad Dreams, Say These Powerful Prayers Before Sleeping (18/8/2020).

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Say these powerful prayers before sleeping.

1. Lord, I realize that You have not lent me the spirit of fear. Nonetheless, I feel fearful when I slumber because of the horrible dreams that enfold me. Cover me with Your precious Blood of Jesus Christ right now.

2. Heavenly Father, I know that You have provided me with the spirit of strength, and affection, and understandable mind. The awful dreams that the enemy has planted in my life will no longer accept it peace in my entire life, because I know that you will be with me now and forever more Amen .

3. Precious Lord, I fulfill myself to You! I realize that all that I am and everything that I have is not mine but goes to You. Actual my sleep belongs to You. I retain withstood devil, but he still comes to strike me at night through bad nightmares. When he comes, don't let him penetration into me, defend me and strick him.

4. I pray that the demon will disappear from me, because I am Yours. I pray that the horrible nightmares will disappear from me. Come and be with me tonight, Lord, and inspect over me while I sleep. Amen.

I pray that no demon's will ever attack you in your dreams, you will never see any bad dreams IN the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

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