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Lessons to learn from the life of Job.

Job was an esteemed man in the Bible days. It was recorded that he was the richest man in the East at that time. In all his riches, he never forgot God, he always prayed to God every morning. A very important thing to note from Job's lifestyle was that he never failed to pray for his children every morning. It was recorded that the devil was envious that Job was still faithful to God in all his riches.

The devil was more envious because God was always boasting about Job. The devil asked for permission to take away Job's riches and see if he will still be faithful to God, and he was permitted. The devil took away Job's wealth and also the lives of all his children.

Even in his times of suffering, Job never forgot God. He remained diligent to the God that created him. He refused even when he was advised against following God by his friends. The suffering was so much that he cursed the day he was born. In all these sufferings, he refused the idea of his wife that he should curse God and die.

God looked and saw that Job never turned away from him and God gave back to him more than what was taken away from him.

The lesson to learn from here is that no matter the situation, never forget God. Never fail to put God first in all you do.

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