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If you don't want to pray like Muslims, Don't go to the Jerusalem. See what is happening there

If you don't want to pray like Muslims, Don't go to the Jerusalem.

Carefully take a look at this:

Bowing down for Almighty God is not a new thing in d bible, Jesus, Aaron, Abraham, Moses were all bow down for their creator but many people are ashamed of do the same because they don't want to practicalize anything that similar to teaching of Islam.

Many people are just beaten about the bush because their leaders that have been to Jerusalem didn't let out the bag how they worship in Jerusalem so as not let the blind followers regain their sight. I advise the sheep to go to Jerusalem themselves and confirm who deceives who.

The problem is that, the western Illuminate people don't want the faithful Christians to understand Christianity in the right direction so that they will not run away from them and go with Arabic people so they decided to hide the truth from their followers. I could remember vividly when one elder from my village travelled to Jerusalem years ago when he returned home he almost converted to Islam because the religious activities he saw in Jerusalem was not related to Christianity at all, it was all Muslim ways but he was begged by the church elders to stay as a Christian to avoid embarrassment to their Christian hold. But he decided to change his mode of worship before he died. 

We should learn to worship God in the best of our ability and do away with hate.

Just drop your comments and share to see many people thought about this.

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