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What every Christian should learn from Zack Snyder's Justice League

In 2017, an inferior Justice League was released into the theaters and fans would have none of it. If DC were to be taken seriously in the movie world, they needed to be capable of producing masterpieces like their counterparts, MARVEL. So they pushed for the original movie which was supposed to be released a long time ago and just some few days back, the Zack Snyder's Justice League was released and men, it was a massive hit.

The story line follows the likes of our typical Justice League heroes such as Batman, seeking redemption, a resurrected Superman, a heartbroken Cyborg, an angry Aquaman, a composed Wonder woman and a weird, lonely Flash trying to defeat Steppenwolf, a mercenary of Darkseid who seeks to have his place back as Darkseid's right hand man. Steppenwolf comes to earth seeking 3 mother boxes that will allow his Supreme to be ruler over all of earth and in the process, he finds the most desired asset of Darkseid, the anti-life equation. After that, he starts setting the earth realm ready for the entrance/return of Darkseid as Emperor. But as usual, our heroes were there to stop him and they did a wonderful job destroying him.

But what can we as Christians understand from this? We are like Steppenwolf. We should be getting the earth ready for the return of our one true Lord and Savior, the Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of the Living God. Luke 19:13b says, 'Occupy till I come'. And are we doing a good job? Are we going after God and the interest of his Kingdom? Are we seeking him with all of hearts, looking unto him to contact and posses his light, his fire and his power? Unfortunately, the opposite is the case which is why Satan and his cohorts are taking over. We have done a bad job of occupying till he comes.

My fellow Christians, it's time to arise from our slumber and do the needful. It's no time to be lukewarm. We must be burning hot for God so that we can destroy the works of darkness and establish God's Kingdom on earth even before he comes. So, as Steppenwolf searched with all his will to establish the rule of Darkseid, we must seek to establish the rule of God first, in our hearts, minds, souls and will and then in every place we step into. It's no time to be ashamed. THE WORLD NEEDS JESUS.

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