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Here is the biography of the prophet Muhammad.

Here is the biography of prophet Muhammad.

For those who do not know who the prophet Muhammad is, he is the founder of the Islamic religions which you see today, as of today, there are over 1.8 billion Muslims world wide, I am mostly going to be writing on his biography. When the prophet Muhammad was just 40 years of age, he started getting revelations from Allah which was what led to the Koran and the Islamic religion you see today, he was also able to bring all of Arabia under unity. The prophet Muhammad was born in 570 in mecca and was raised by his grandfather because his father was already late.

When he was 20 years of age, he worked for a wealthy woman who was a merchant and she was also older than him, due to his youthful age and accomplishments, the woman asked for a marriage and prophet Muhammad agreed to marry her, they got married and had many children although not many continued to live but there was Fatima who married Muhammad's cousin and whose name is Abi Talib and also the one Shi’ite Muslims recognized as his successor. The prophet Muhammad was very religious and he often traveled to holy sites like mecca, when he traveled to mecca, he meditated in a cave called Jabal aI-Nour and the angel Gabriel said to him recite in the name of the lord who creates from clothes and recite for your lord is the most generous, this recitation became the opening of chapter 96 in surah. 

Muhammad began to preach and also preached against worshiping idols, when he did so, many leaders began to perceive him as a threat, his preaching also brought economic fall for the merchants who receiver thousands of pilgrims who came to mecca to pray every year, this also affected his own tribe Quraysh and they were also the guardians of the kaaba and as they saw him as threat, they proposed and offered him incentives for him to stop preaching but he refused and continued.

As his followers began to increase and also start getting a strong hold, they were banished from mecca to a place called Medina. When he got there, he settled and created his Muslim community and got more followers. Over the times, the Muslims were involved in many wars for their survival with the Meccans and they signed a treaty but it was later broken by the allies in mecca, as time on, Muhammad had become stronger and power was much in his side, in 630, the army of the Muslims matched to mecca and seized the territory but this was a bloody war. Muhammad granted some Meccans amnesty and then him and his followers destroyed all the idols around the Kaaba. The conflicts was later resolved and he took the Islamic pilgrimage to the city and then delivered his last sermon at Mount Arafat in 632. When he had decided to return to his wife's home in Medina, he became sick for many days and later died at the age of 62 in they year 632 on the 8th of June.

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