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Say This Morning Prayer Before Speaking With Anyone Today

Beloved, we have a clear assurance for a life of breakthroughs, fruitfulness, wealth, and help because of the blood of Jesus Christ. Nonetheless, there are ordained divine supports and assistants with whom we must connect in our life's journey if all of these promises are to be fulfilled. God employs people as conduit pipes and channels via which he distributes assistance on the planet.

Destiny helpers are men and women who God has placed in your life to assist you. The individuals who come into your life determine whether you rise or fall in life. Nobody succeeds in life without assistance; even Jesus sent us a helper in the form of the Holy Spirit, who is our primary destiny helper. God has also placed other people in our paths to assist us in realizing our destiny. I've put together these prayer points to help me find my destiny helpers. These prayer points will help you connect with your God-ordained destiny helpers.

“No man is an island unto himself,” as the adage goes, and every individual on the planet requires divine assistance at some point in his life. Someone has been prepared by God to assist you and your family in some way. In Jesus' name, I pray that individual finds you.

Why You Must Pray For Your Divine Helpers.

1. Your divine helpers may experience some painful events.

2. Your heavenly allies are vulnerable to attack. In Jesus' name, I pray that your divine helpers are not attacked.

3. It is possible to block and hinder your divine aid from appearing.

4. Your divine aids can be injured, slain, overlooked, or misleading.

5. Dark powers may sponsor a fight and develop hostility between you and your heavenly helper, causing your divine helper to suddenly loathe you. In Jesus' name, I pray that the heavens would dry up those powers.

6. Your divine assistants may be diverted to other locations, leaving you alone.

Now, go on to your knees and declare these prayer points to your destiny with faith... MATHEW 11:24.

.  In Jesus' name, scatterr every fundamental Altar that is hindering your helpers from assisting you.

.  In Jesus' name, every demonic VEIL covering you prevents your helpers from locating/seeing you be removed and burnt by fire.

.  I'm calling out to all of my destiny helpers who have been diverted in Jesus' name, and I'm asking them to return in Jesus' name.

.  In Jesus' name, I direct all of your destiny helpers to be drawn to you.

.  In Jesus' name, I direct all of your destiny helpers to be drawn to your business.

.  In Jesus' name, I demand the barrier between you and your helpers to be broken down.

.  In the name of Jesus, my destiny helpers hear the word of the Lord and manifest themselves in my position. 

.  Rise, Ancient of Days, with your mercies, and bless me abundantly in the name of Jesus. 

.  In the name of Jesus, waste the evil tracker of my destiny, confess, and die.

.  Your helpers will not rest until they HELP, REMEMBER, and HONOUR you in the name of Jesus, just as Mordechai and King Ahasuerus did.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for answered prayers... PHILIPPINES 4:6.

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