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Say these Prayers Before you Go Out Today

1. Dear God, thank you for this new day and health of mind and body. Thank you for the gift of life. Thank you for your mercy and love. Being alive today it's an opportunity, help us with your grace to live this day to the glorification of your name in Jesus name. 

2. Almighty Father, we grateful for your guidance and protection from the beginning of the week till this moment. We are grateful for all the successes we recorded this week. Be thou exalted in Jesus name. 

3. Heavenly Father, as we set to carry out our activities of the day, accompany us in all that we shall do and may your grace help us to do the right thing at all times so that we will please you and be blessed by you in Jesus name.

4. Father, help us with your grace to achieve all that we plan to achieve this day in Jesus name. May our going out and coming in be blessings to us and people around us in Jesus name.

5. Lord, we pray for our country, Nigeria. Help us and bring to end to all the kidnappings, killings, and bad governance in our land in Jesus name. 

6. Father through your divine help grant us all our positive heart desires in Jesus name. 

7. Heavenly Father, our divine helper, we pray may you meet us in times of our needs in Jesus name. Through your divine help Lord, we declare this day a blessed and favorable day for all of us in Jesus name. We make our prayers through Christ our Lord.

Claim these prayer points by commenting with 'Amen'.

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