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Reasons Why it's Important that You Marry Within Your Faith - [Opinion]

Marriage is the central to family life. the union of marriage should be influenced and guided by spiritual ideals because that helps in making the marriage most strong and prosperous.

Nowadays people get into marriages because they think it's the right time for them to do so, and thereby forget about considering whether the faith of the person they want to marry, will cause trouble in the future. but that's very wrong, because marriage is not just a physical union but a spiritual union, as well, and requires a shared vision of spiritual ideals and goals.

Marriages where the partners share the same faith is usually the best, because those involved will have a spirit of mutual understanding and that will benefit the whole family.

The same faith marriage is important because, both partners always respect each other and share similar values and life goals. For example it's usually very hard for a Christian and Muslim couple to share the same values, cause their religion defer.

Little misunderstanding in an interfaith marriage could lead to conflict between spouses, or even between the spouses and their extended families, and that might affect their children directly or indirectly.

Difference in belief can cause children to be confused in what faith they will follow, and that might make the couple to start queering, and that could make the child lost entirely from religion. So it better to marry a person that you share the same faith with, inorder to make it easy for your children to adapt the religion.

Marriage is a life time commitment, so please, be very careful with the choices you make concerning marriage.

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