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Bishop Oyedepo to Christians: When you are not paying tithe, you are under a financial curse

The founder and principal leader of the Church of the Living Faith, called the Conquerors Chapel, Bishop David Oedepo, has taken to his Facebook page to send a warning to Christians in Nigeria.

Tithing is the inevitable duty of covenants. Wealth, not just wealth, is impossible without tithing, because if you do not pay tithing, you are under a financial curse.

Here are the pictures of Nigerians in Bishop Oedepo's post.


So wait for everyone to rest when the pastor, who has an influence on millions of people, constantly teaches: "If you do not pay tithing, you are under a financial curse," Christians must visit the grave next to the grave. man must receive grace for longevity.

Do you want everyone to be closed because the minister has been the minister for 40 years? This is ridiculous. The quiet generation is often a bewitched generation. There are those who have apostolic calls to strengthen the doctrinal foundations ել to correct mistakes (Bible և love).

To silence believers, to look at them differently, to leave everything in the hands of God when poisonous, hidden messages are taught, is an invitation to an epidemic of pollution in the body of Christ.

Consequences can destroy the spiritual development of generations, increase, perpetuate magical experiments among Christians, and even send some people to hell.

I owe it to you to write [immediately], urging you to fight diligently for the faith [protection] that was once given to all the saints, [the faith that is the sum of the Christian faith, which is spoken by believers]. Jude 1:3 AMP.

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