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2 Lessons To Learn From Pope John Paul II Many Apologies For The Sins Of The Church

Pope John Paul II, in his long reign as the pope of the Roman Catholic Church built a lot of bridges across oceans. He took time to apologise to various groups of people the church must have offended in the time past. To the Jews, he pleaded for forgiveness for the nonchalant attitude of Christians and the leaders of the Church, while the holocaust was being committed.

He also didn't mince words in apologizing to Africans for the role of the church during the slave trade. To women, he apologised to for the use of church doctrine to relegate them to the background. The pope did not forget the burning of people tagged heresies to stake and many other offences of the church.

It is however amazing to imagine that a man of that calibre can be that modest. Most leaders will not do that. He must have seen the need to heal the brokenhearted with that wonder word called 'sorry'. Therefore, in the remaining parts of this article, I will be showing you the lessons to learn therein. Let's get down to it.

1. Humility

The first lesson I learnt from Pope John Paul's many apologies is humility. Nobody is bigger than others. You are a trillionnaire, yes, if anything like that exist, with properties in every planet of the universe, but you are also a mortal. The pope has in his apologies told us that you are not bigger than the poor beggar on the street.

With all the followers he commanded the world over at his time, he was undoubtedly the most influential person on earth. Coming to riches, he may not be the richest on earth but if materials possession was his thing, he would be the richest man on earth. With all that, he was humble enough to apologise for the sins of the church. That takes us to the second lesson.

2. Only God Is Inflallable

Another lesson I learnt is that only God cannot be wrong. Every other person or organisations that has human element is liable to fall into errors. This is in reaction to the teaching from some quarters that some organisation is infallible. If the church with all her sophistication can fall into errors that the pope had to apologise, it is only God who has that characteristics of infallibility.

It gears to teach other people who go about criticising the activities of other people to think twice. I was discussing with a friend about how tricky school administrators are these days. They would list just a half of what parents would pay, only to start asking for the rest gradually, dubiously.

That also took us to other sectors like markets where traders sell substandard goods to customers in the price of a standard product. People in other areas also have ways they take unauthorised fees from people. Then when a thief or a fraudster is caught, all of them would shout crucify him. Everybody would suddenly turn saints.

All of us fall into errors always, and nobody should think less of others. That is why some people call it hypocrisy. When I criticize others but move to the other end to commit the same sin, I'm simply fooling myself.


Pope John Paul, in those occasions has taught me and of course all that care to learn great lessons. He knew what the Bible said about pride and destruction in Proverb 16:18. Of course, he was lifted because he was simple.

So, if you have learned anything from the exemplary virtues in the pope's apology, please meet us at the comments box and let us know. You can also share, like and follow us if we have exposed to you, the hidden truth.


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