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The Story Of An Evangelist Who Stopped A Carnival With His Preaching (History)

An American evangelist named George Whitefield once turned away a large number of people from holding a carnival with his powerful preaching. The story of George Whitefield is one of the most touching stories that happened during the Great Awakening which took place centuries ago.

George Whitefield was one of the American evangelists of the 18th century whom God used in bringing about the Great Awakening. The Great Awakening was a series of revivals that shook America, Britain etc from the 18th to the 20th century. During those revivals many were converted to the Christ. You can read about the history of the great Awakening, how it affected the world, and the mighty ministers and evangelists that God used to bring salvation, healing and deliverance to many by clicking here.

George Whitefield was a close friend of another famous minister, John Wesley. John Wesley is one of the greatest minsters in the history of Christianity. John Wesley founded the Methodist church, but George Whitefield was an Evangelist. He once handed a congregation or church he established over to John Wesley.

Both John Wesley and George Whitefield were powerful minsters, converting people in tens of thousands to the Christ. Though they had sometimes divergent views on the scriptures, they still coordinated their efforts together as ministers to execute the work of the Lord.

Most people who know Christian history will say that George Whitefield is the greatest Evangelist since Jesus established the church of the first century, when a handful of men and women, set the world ablaze for God. George Whitefield was known by many for his powerful preaching. It was said that he was so vocal that his voice could be heard a mile away. This him enabled to minister to thousands of people without the aid of a public address system, like a microphone. He once preached to a crowd of 40,000 people without a microphone. Miracles also happened during his preaching. It is estimated that he preached up to 18,000 times to about 10 million people during his lifetime.

One of the most striking experiences of Whitefield as a minister was when he was able to turn away a large crowd from holding a carnival.

Whitefield started to preach at the scene where thousands were gathered to celebrate the immoral event. Soon, the crowd began to move over to listen to the preaching of George Whitefield. 

This the owner of the carnival became angry and he sent a prize fighter ( a bare-knuckle boxer), to attack Whitefield. The fighter had no shirt on. The fighter had a broken nose, and a cauliflowered ear. 

While the boxer was approaching Whitefield, the preacher turned to his direction, lifted up his voice and shouted "I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ,for it is the power of God unto salvation." The prize fighter quietly turned around and went away.

The next day, Whitefield returned to the venue of the carnival to preach. The carnival owner sent a man to throw eggs, part of dead dogs and rocks to distract Whitefield's preaching. Whitefield was hit in the mouth by a rotten tomato. He continued preaching. The man that was throwing the rocks and eggs climbed up a tree and dropped his underwear. George Whitefield told all the ladies present to cover their eyes and he continued with his preaching. The man seeing Whitefield undeterred, urinated on the preacher, still Whitefield continued with his preaching. The man hauled rocks at Whitefield, who didn't stop preaching. One of George Whitefield's evangelist friends was killed when a rock hit him.

This was just one of the extraordinary experiences that George Whitefield experienced during his ministry. Whitefield once made 10,000 people who had come to watch a horse race to leave the show and come to hear his preaching.

Whitefield also reportedly converted a group of hardened miners. It was said that the miners were so vile and wicked that even hardened sailors and pirates were afraid of them. Whitefield converted about 200 of the miners. The next day, the number of the miners increased to 2000 and to 10,000, who came to here George Whitefield preach.

George Whitefield passed away to be with the Lord, on 30 September, 1770. It is said that he died on his knees.

Many people may not know this general of the Christian faith, but the fact remains that he shook his generation for the Lord.

You will rarely find preachers that have the same extraordinary annoiting that Whitefield had. Our generation lacks such men. They are very few in our time.

This story is meant to inspire us to strive to make an impact in society, that will continue to speak for us before God and men long after we are gone.

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