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62 Years After The Death Of Apostle Ayo Babalola, See What People Usually Do At His Graveyard

Today, there are lots of things people celebrate, and much more than that, people see some things or some people as special such that they can never forget those things. Just like in every aspect of our lives, there are things we will keep remembering no matter how long those things have left us, or for how long it has been in existence, however, it will always be SPECIAL.

Thus, in the light of this, there are people who have been seen as special, and their memories still live on till date. Coming down to Nigeria, we have men who have had impact on the lives of many people and just because of what they have done, they are still remembered, and also, they have put something in place to remember such people. For example, we have people who use statue to remember people such that any time they see that image, such a man/person will come to mind.

Thus, thinking about this, and recognizing the fact that there are tons f people who can fall in this category, yet, one of such men is Apostle Ayo Babalola.

Joseph Ayo Babalola was the first General Evangelist of the Christ Apostolic Church, popularly called CAC in Nigeria. He was credited with healing powers, because that was the most prominent things in his ministry then.

No matter how old you are today, as long as you grew up in Nigeria, you'd definitely know who Apostle Ayo Babalola is. Of course, he died 62 years ago, which was in 1959, and obviously, many of our parents weren't married then, not to talk of giving birth to us, yet, we know about this wonderful man. You'd ask, why is he so prominent? This is majorly because of the impact he has had in all Nigerian churches and how he has transformed many lives in the country.

Today, many call his name with "water", and this is because most of his healing miracles were majorly started with water, hence, many people do use water and his name to receive miracles from the Lord, and till today, his memory lives on.

However, something worthy to be noted is about his burial ground which is still active till date. Although the man had died 62 years ago, yet, people still go to his burial ground to pray and receive healing, and what people usually do is to take water to the place and pray on it, hoping that they would receive Healing.

Till Date, many believe that the grace of God that worked upon his life when he was alive is still working today, hence, they still believe that. So, we will be seeing pictures of people who visited his burial ground regularly to receive miracles from the Lord.

See some pictures extracted from times people visited his burial ground:

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