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Prayer For Deliverance From Marine Spirit In Your Life, Today, (16/07/2020)

Marine spirits are the princes and princesses of the sea (Ezekiel 26:16). This class of demons are responsible for all the whoredom our world is living with today. They perpetrate the highest level of wickedness against mankind in the form of filth, defilements, sexual bondages, depravity, marital breakups and disillusionments.

Apart from the very visible penetration of marine spirits in our society today, influencing the music, fashion and film industries, these spirits also oppress people by coming to have sex with them in the dream or even claim to be married to them, resulting in what is called spiritual husband or spiritual wife. This spiritual union eventually becomes a ground for the devil to cut the victims out of their blessings in Christ and keep them in pains and sufferings.

You can Deliver Your Self From Every Marine Spirit Husband or Spirit Wife Through This Prayer:

Father, in the name of Jesus, I ask you to open the my eyes and deliver me from every marine spirits (Husband or wife) that is troubling me.

Father I bind his mind with mind of Christ, that I might live and conduct myself honorably and becoming a open light of the day. I loose myself from every marine spirit that has being controlling my life.

I ask you to give me a willing heart, that I might be loyally subject (submissive) to the governing (civil) authority not resisting nor setting myself up against them.

I shall be totally be healed from every sleeping marine spirt, every marine Husband spirit, and also every marine wife spirit.

Lord I want you to take control over my life. In Jesus name I prayed. Amen

Thanks for reading. However, if you feel there are more prayer we didn’t include, get in touch with us via the comment section below.

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