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Declare This Morning Prayer Before You Go Out Today

Heavenly Father, I thank you for your grace and love towards me from January till this moment, for my life and that of my family, be magnified.

I pray for divine empowerment. Show me mercy when I am down and make me strong enough to conquer my troubles. The devil may sow tares into my life just to make me compromise. Help me to overcome every snare of the devil.

I pray against avoidable failures. To fail is not bad all the time, but when I fail, help me to rise. Where ever men think that I will fail, Father, give me the grace to succeed this month. Teach me to make my failure a stepping stone to go higher. 

I pray for divine restoration. Lord, restore everything the cankerworm has eaten from me. Restore my lost opportunities and blessings. Do not allow my suffering to continue but come to my rescue. Cut off every cord of affliction, tied to my life. Open my eyes to see opportunities which the devil has hidden from me. Eradicate every embargo place against my Destiny.

I also pray for divine connection. Lord, cause my destiny helper to locate me this month. Cause men to favor me. Guide me towards good people that will help me climb higher. Expose unfriendly friends that may come to lure me away from you. Expose and destroy their schemes against me.

Teach me to apply moderation in all I do. Teach me to discipline my tongue that I may not curse you. Also, protect me from the desires of my flesh so that I may never be a slave to it, or act according to its dictates. Let your wisdom manifest in my words and actions. Teach me to be fair in judgment. Time and seasons are your servants. Open my understanding of time, and train me to do things rightly. Protect me from evil time and chances.

Father, destroy everything that may stand as a hindrance to every good you have prepared for me in this month. Destroy every curse that may rise to counter my blessings. Calm every hurricane on my path. Heal me and make me whole from infirmities. Give me victory over problems that may come my way this month.

Let your mercy speak wherever judgments are made concerning my errors. Forgive my sins and teach me to forgive others. All these and more I asked through Christ Jesus your Son. Amen.


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