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Daniel Olukoya, an Extraordinary Preacher

Yes, he is a preacher. Dr. Daniel Olukoya, the founder of Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministry (MFM) is humble and will prefer to remain so in order to make heaven like he always wishes. So, calling him preacher is preferable as other high-sounding names do not interest him.

Among these top church leaders in Nigeria, he is among the few that go by the title “Pastor” whereas their contemporaries in the mission have elevated themselves to the highest rank in Pentecostal Order-Bishop.

Dr. Olukoya is exceptional in many aspects - use of words, use of church fund, type of prayer etc. He does not depend on Church money for his up keep. He collects salary like every other worker in the church. His major income is from his books and CD/DVDs. He uses one of the modest cars you can think of. He has no private Jet.

It is Daniel Olukoya that introduced the use of the word “Die” in prayer. He makes no exception when he is attacking the evil doer. For Example, he will say – “Anybody (however close the person might be) that does not want me to prosper, Die…

Dr. Olukoya does not avoid the use of sexual word during his preaching, but always mild on them. He once gave a testimony of a female member of MFM who came to him and told him she wanted to have bigger breasts than she was having. He told the church his response to the lady which also was a lesson to the listeners.

Dr. Olukoya does not hide his personal experience. He once said he pleads with his wife Shade not to make him miss Heaven. He has special memory of his spiritual mentor Rev. Ayo Babalola who he said was ruined by his wife.

After lengthy medication he advised members of MFM to go into politics and normally prays for them. And some member of MFM are governors; Ogun State is a member of MFM, Hon Nkiru Onyejeocha is a member MFM, and many others.

He believes in winning souls for God through many of the thing’s youth indulge in. He through MFM formed a football team that is competing in the Nigerian Premier League for over three seasons now.

In the Area of youth empowerment, he through MFM gives scholarships to deserving students. The MFM give prizes to students who passed with first class annually.

Dr. Olukoya, the exceptional preacher is blessed with a son called Elijah. Before he got his son, he had been in the marriage for over ten years.

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