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Four (4) Cool Things Done By Catholic Priests Which You Might Not Know

The Roman Catholic Church is one of the biggest Christian denomination in the world. Unlike other denominations, with the Pope as its head, the Catholic Church has ordained men called Priests or Reverend Fathers who oversee the affairs of the church both liturgical and otherwise.

These Catholic priests forego both family and loved ones, dedicating themselves to working in the vineyard of God.

Here are some cool things done by this special breed of men that you might not know about.

1. A Catholic priest can not have a spouse which means no children, no lineage.

2. Reverend Fathers (Diocesan Priest) do get paid and they also pay taxes. But in most cases, the church or parish where they are assigned to caters to their needs, eradicating the payment by default.

3. A Catholic priest might have another career apart from working for God. Some priests do not even get their calling until their late 30's or 40's.

A clear example is the current Pope who was once a bouncer and janitor.

4. A priest can take alcoholic beverages or smoke as they do not take an oath against it, neither is there a rule in the church which forbids them from doing so.

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