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Before Going To Bed (16/07/2020), Say These Prayers.

1. You are today lifted above sorrow, sadness, and frustration in Jesus' name!

2. Your ace enemy shall be part of your celebration, he or she shall be compelled to congratulate you and by no choice serve your quest.

3. You shall not remain on the same spot, level nor remain stagnant, Grace is moving you forward, mercy and favor will automatically make ways for you in high places.

4. Tonight it's well with you and forever it shall be well with you in Jesus's name!

5. As you wake up this morning, may the heavens release to you every of your heart desires. May you never be left without a testimony. May all things work together for your good henceforth!

6. When you go out or come in, the blessings of the Lord which make rich and add no sorrow will be with you. This day marks the beginning of the flow of the good things God will continue to serve you daily.

7. You will never be stranded or put be to Shame. Before you call, God will answer! While you are yet speaking, the Lord will deliver results to you, in Jesus' name!

8. Your season of joy and laughter has come!

9. Every one of your worries has ended and testimony follows.

10. Every door closed to frustrate your effort are open!

Nothing by physical or spiritual shall stand against your lifting and process this year in Jesus' name Amen!

Have a good night's rest.

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Grace Jesus'


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