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Don't pray only when you are in trouble

Prayer is the key,I hope everyone knows it is good to pray without ceasing. Pray whenever you have the opportunity. Because if you pray whenever you are in trouble, then you are in trouble.There are different ways and manner you can pray

*you can pray in the morning if you have the time

*You can pray while doing any housework or even bathing

*You can pray while walking, driving,jogging on the road..

just make sure your mind is enclosed between you and God. Your eyes might be opened,but your spirit is with the heavenly father.

Steps to take while praying

1.praise the lord with songs

2.Thank him for whatever he has done for you and what he is going to do

3.Pray for forgiveness of sin...these one is very that God would give you listening ears

4.pray for your friends and family and loved one

5.Pray for people that are in the the prison...people that are travelling either by water,land or air...pray for people who are looking for job,admissions into the university, marriage, spirit.of the womb

6.Pray for yourself...present your request before the almighty God

7.Thank him for answered prayers

8.Keep thanking him

9.round up by sharing the grace...

10.shout 70 victorious hallelujah...

it shall be well with us in Jesus mighty victorious name...

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