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What Will Happen To You When Somebody Gives You A Big Load To Carry In The Dream-Dr. Olukoya

The General Overseer of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries International, Dr. Daniel Olukoya, in his recent post on his Facebook page shared a video message to the public.

While speaking the cleric reportedly stated that "Every silencing power assigned against anyone listening to me now, with a tenfold amen, let the silencing power die! in the name of Jesus. Speaking further he said "There are powers that all they want is for the head to be hidden. There are glory exchangers and satanic glory traders. Because We have seen many situations on deliverance ground where somebody would say that in a dream, all they could remember was that somebody hit them with something on their head. That is all, and they just run mad. It is only after their sanity has cleared that they later remember what happened in that dream. On this note, Any power inviting you in the dream to smite your head shall be buried alive! in the name of Jesus.

Speaking further he said "There are people who have dreamt where somebody said "Come here!", and they went, and the person gave them a big load to carry on their heads. They then collected the load and walked away with it, and that is all they remembered. Then, when they woke up, it was as though that head was separate luggage from the body. The enemy attacks the head.

Speaking lastly he said " There are millions of daily attacks on the head because whatever attacks the head attacks the whole body because it flows down. And Any attack on that head runs through your life. This is why sometimes when you see very brilliant people who are supposed to be doing well, the enemy tries to attack their brains.

Watch The Facebook video Here.

Fast forward Facebook video from 1 hour 31 to minutes 12 seconds.

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