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Pst.Oyedepo-You Can't be eating turkey & chicken while your parents are out there virtually starving

The Bishop, founder and the General Overseer of Faith Tabernacle Ministry, aka winners chapel, Bishop/Pastor David Oyedepo has spoken once more. In recent days, he has been on the news for various reasons. In a tweet he made today, he condemned those that always overlooked theirs parents and decide not to take care of them.

According to him, it's the job of every individual to honour is or her parents, by taking good care of them. He stated it clearly that no one have the ability to change his or her parents, that it is too late to change it.

He further stated that once someone stops honouring his or her parents, that God aswell will stop honouring the person in question. He then finally make people to understand that one can't be eating turkey, beef, chicken, fish and all kinds of delicious meals while his or her parents are out there virtually starving.

The full tweet made by pastor Oyedepo could be seen below here.

With what the man of God said here, I think it's a high time people started thinking of there parents and start taking care of them because if your parents didn't give birth to you, I don't think you will be in existence. The book Ephesians made us to know that children should honour their parents so that their life will be long.

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