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Morning prayer points this Sunday 19/07/2020

The Bible says commit your ways unto the Lord and he shall make you prosper, so with a open heart I want you to pray this morning.

Oh Lord I thank you for giving me life today.

Thank you for making me and my family to wake up strong today, we are saying thank you Jesus.

Oh Lord, place a mark of touch me not on me, so that the evil ones won't be able to touch me in Jesus name.

Your word never lies you said you will supply all our need, Lord supply all my need this Morning in Jesus name.

If I have left my place of blessings, O Lord, chase me back there, in the name of Jesus.

Lord, I pray that you teach us to be content in all things and allow us to hold on to your promises and to not let elements of fear, Thank you, Lord, for everything that You have done and continue to do for us. 

God I know I am a sinner come to my aid and forgive me this morning so I can enjoy all your promises for me in Jesus name.

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