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TOPIC; ”SATANIC DEPOSITS ARE REAL.” ...BIBLE IN ONE YEAR: Psalms 108, Psalms 109, Psalms 110, Psalms 111, Psalms 112, Psalms 113, Psalms 114FIRE SCRIPTURE: Ps 55:6-11; Jer. 6:7MEMORY VERSE: Isaiah 57:21There is no peace, saith my God, to thewicked.”MOTIVATIONAL QUOTE: When you tarry at the altar of prayer you will be imbued with uncommon boldness, divine strength and the type of power that cannot be insulted. PROPHETIC WORD FOR TODAY: All those powers boasting against me shall be disgraced in the name of Jesus.MESSAGE OUTLINE ;In today’s devotional we shall learn how to deal with the effect of evil deposits in our body.A long time ago, one man came to me and introduced himself as a senior apostle somewhere. He said that there was a fight in his church and somebody put something under his seat and since then, he could not urinate uptil now. That was why he came to see me. I then asked him, “How come that you, an apostle, something was put underneath your seat and it entered into your body?” He said, “God will save us.”Many cases of paralysis that doctors cannot understand are caused by these things. Of course, there is no way you can detect a demon by testing somebody’s blood or urine. These things are spiritual transfers and deposits from the pit of hell. At one of our Power Must Change Hands programmes (which takes place every first Saturday of every month at our Prayer-City) a phylactery physically got out of a woman’s leg and dropped on the floor.

     Also, at one of our crusades, somebody vomited a white stone. The question is- how did these things enter into their bodies? They were satanic deposits from the enemy. They turn people’s bodies into dustbins.Some people are forced against their will to join evil groups. Sometimes the initiation takes place in the dream. They are force-fed like babies who do not want to eat. Sometimes, they are force-fed with the kinds of food that they do not like eating physically. Victims of forced initiation sometimes see themselves at uninvited meetings in the dream and they would wonder at what is happening.

      You must learn to go to the source of the river and deal with satanic deposits right from the roots. You must cast out wickedness and violence. Do not negotiate your victory.

PRAYER POINTS....MORNING1. Let the teeth of the enemy over my life break, in the name of Jesus.2. I render every aggressive altar impotent, in the name of Jesus.3. Let the covenant with the earth against my life, be broken, in the name of Jesus.4. Every evil altar erected against me, be disgraced, in the name of Jesus.5. every demonic deposit in my body catch fire in the name of Jesus...EVENING 1. Let every covenant with the sun against my life, be broken, in the name of Jesus.2. Anything done against my life under demonic anointing, be nullified, in the name of Jesus.3. Let every covenant with the moon against my life, be broken, in the name of Jesus.4, whatever I have eaten in my dream fire of God destroy .5.forces forcing me to eat I vomit all i have eaten in my dream...God bless you as you type AMEN and share these post with friends on social media....

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