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4 ways believers can make impact on social media platforms.

Is it appropriate for Believers to use social media?

Social media is a platform for interaction, business advertising, message dissemination, and other social relationships that can be carried out virtually. Social media websites and applications are virtual sites that enable users to create and share content or participate in social networking.

 Christians are believers in Christ with a mandate to be Christlike, witness and propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ. Should Christians engage themselves on or use social media? 

What should be the purpose of its utilization? Sit back to grasp the "essentia" of this study.

 Social media has both positive and negative effects, but believers should strive to use the platform for its positive purposes.


Propagation of the gospel

 Believers should harness the potential of social media for the propagation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is possible to bear witness to others both physically and virtually.The social media should be exploited to carry out the master's (Jesus) business which he has committed to every believer. Posts such as video, text, and pictures should be used in witnessing to sinners.


Teaching the word of God

 The word of God is significant and plays a vital role in our society. Social media should be used as a platform to preach the infallible word of God to others. Nowadays, social media has been employed by ministers of God to reach people globally with the word of God. 

Professing Truth

 This should be a virtue for every believer. Truth is an essential quality that many have despised in order not to lose their followers, regard, honour, wealth etc. The truth should be professed by believers to others physically and virtually, because it is mandatory for them to do so in as much as they believe in the truth, which is Jesus Christ, and He will "set them free".

Social media influencers

 One of the negative effects of social media is the untamed or salacious posts by some users. Believers should be pragmatic and take advantage of this platform to influence, teach, encourage, motivate, and disciple others through the word of God. Believers should know that they have responsibilities towards others, especially those who are yet to be saved, just as Christ did for all men.

Social media should be used for self-development, education, gospel propagation, legitimate business transactions, and other credible activities.

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