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The essence of the Holyspirit in the life of a believer, Pastor Adeboye as a case study

The presence of the Holy Spirit in believers in Christ is one of the characteristics that distinguishes believers from unbelievers. The Holy Spirit is the comforter, teacher, instructor, intercessor, helper, revealer of secrets, most especially the spirit of truth. Jesus said the world cannot receive the Holy Spirit - John 14:17. The world here connotes sinners who are held bound by sin, which is Satan's snare. When a sinner comes to God for salvation, his salvation starts with repentance (acknowledging his status as a sinner, confessing and forsaking his sins). Such a sinner is forgiven when there is genuine repentance from the heart, Romans 9:9. The Holy Spirit comes into a man as a gift from God because he has believed in Jesus Christ and is saved through the grace of God. Ephesians 1:13. The presence of the Holy Spirit empowers the new believer, guides him (her) in prayer and study of God's word, John 14:26.


The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor E.A Adeboye shared an experience he had and learnt from when he bought oranges for his Father in the Lord, Rev. Josiah Akindayomi while travelling to Lagos from Ilesha. He wrote "Many years ago, while travelling to Lagos from Ilesha (southwest Nigeria), I forgot to buy a gift from father in the Lord. By the time I got to Surulere, Lagos, I realised this oversight and so I bought some oranges to give to him from there. As Papa peeled and sucked the oranges, he said, "These oranges are sweet. You must have bought them on the way."

"Yes sir," I replied. The Holy Spirit said to me, "You just lied." My response to this was, "How did I lie? "Roadside is roadside, whether in Surulere or between Ilesha and Lagos. "

 The Holy Spirit then said "You know his question meant whether you bought them on your way from Ilesha to Lagos." I replied, Does it matter? Does it affect the sweetness of the oranges?" The Spirit insisted, "You have lied." So I turned to my father in the Lord and told him I bought the oranges at Surulere, Lagos and not on my way from Ilesha, and Papa exclaimed, "Holy Spirit!" He knew the Holy Spirit was dealing with me. Does this same Holy Spirit deal with you when you lie or sin? If your conscience is not responding to the pricks of the Holy Spirit, it means that you have strayed from Him. "


Prayer point: Father, quicken every part of my conscience that has been seared by persistent disobedience.


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