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2 things Quran told the Muslims to do in order to become Awliya (Friends) of Allah.

Muslims believe that among them they are those closer to Allah and Allah loves them more.

No doubt about it, Allah loves those who always do the righteous deeds and act righteously. Allah wants his servant to come closer to him with good deeds and right action.

Muslims also believe the Awliya (friends) of Allah are those who can ask Allah for something and he will give them, if they seek His help He will support them and grants them all of their requests.

All these are true about the Awliya (friends) of Allah and they can be among men or females.

Allah Almighty also encouraged the Muslims in the Quran to get closer to him and be his friends by doing these two things.

He said Quran (10 verses 62 to 64).

This verse 62 highlights that the Awliya (friends) of Allah will never fear or regret in this life.

Then who are the friends of Allah?

The friends of Allah are those who believe and obey him. That is as Muslims who are eager to be among the friends of Allah, all they need to do is to 'believe and obey' him.

Anybody who believes and obeys Allah will definitely distance themself from all unrighteous deeds, by doing that will

lead them to be more closer to Allah and then become his friends.

Then this below verse will be for those that have become friends of Allah.

These are the guarantee from Allah for those that become Awliya (his friends).

May Allah grant us the will and desire to be one of his friends

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