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Say These Prayers Against Diseases, Death & Damnation In Your Life And Family

It is the plan of the devil to introduce diseases into your life. With these diseases, he will take your life and send you to hell where you'll be damned. But God has a better plan for you and the reason why you are not yet fulfilled is because you haven't asked him. The Lord has the ability to truncate all the plans of the devil over your life are you need to develop a vibrant praying lifestyle. Say these prayers against diseases death and domination in your life

Heavenly father, we thank you for all what you have done for us in the past; all what you are doing for us in the present, and all what you will do for us in the future

We worship you because the enemies could not smile over us because of your presence in our life

O Lord, as you have always done please deliver us from all the plans of the enemy

Deliver us O Lord from every disease of any kind

Every of our body organ that needs your healing Lord, please touch them Lord

The devil shall not have the power and the audacity to take our lives because you are the one who gives and take life Lord

Death shall not be our portion in the name of Jesus

We shall not be damned to hell fire Oh Lord in the mighty name of Jesus

We shall die the death of the righteous and go and rest with you in Heaven

Anything that will make us miss heaven, please take it away from our lives

I will be pleased and chastised because of our recent errors. Please forgive us Lord

Help us to live a righteous and holy life Lord

Thank you for answering our prayers Lord

We pray, in Jesus name


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