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Say These 10 Amazing Grace Intercessory Prayer For Disgrace To Be Taken Away From Your Life

Amazing Grace is the grace that takes away disgrace from your life. In the Bible, there are three distinctive meanings of grace: 

It means the mercy and active love of God, the winsome attractiveness of God, and the strength of God to overcome. 

These meanings will be demonstrated in

your life as you pray. Amazing grace is a certain unexplainable beginning of glory in one's life. It is God's favour that gives us what we do not deserve. It has long arms.

Say it with faith 

1. O God, I thank You for the gift of Your grace which is the reason for my life today. Receive thanks in Jesus Name, Amen!

2. O God, through Your amazing grace, sustain me throughout this prayer to days in Jesus Name, Amen!

3. O Lord, whatever challenges confronting me, I receive grace to dislodge them in Jesus Name, Amen!

4. O God, sustain me daily through the battles that threaten my life, my marriage, my career and my human existence in Jesus Name, Amen

5. Whenever there is an evidence of weakness which may lead me to sin, O Lord, deliver me by the power of Your amazing grace in Jesus Name, Amen!

6. O Father, let the full impact of Your love and Christ's death on the Cross of Calvary strengthen n me to remain rooted in You in Jesus Name, Amen!

7. O God, let every trap of the enemy against me be destroyed in Jesus Name, Amen!

8. By the power of Your amazing grace, open up opportunities for me to truly manifest as your child in Jesus Name, Amen!

9. O God, by the power of Your amazing grace, grant me unmerited favour even in the eyes of men in the Name of Jesus, Amen!

10. O Lord, release abundant grace to take me to higher heights beyond the expectations of men in Jesus Name, Amen!

Celebrate Him! 

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