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Christian Devotional: Scripture Union Daily Guide Review

Sunday July 19, 2020

Text: Acts 4:13-22 Theme: Topic: THESE MEN HAD BEEN WITH JESUS

There are friends that speaks and share the same charisma due to togetherness. Also, followers tend to use words and tone like their leader. Oftentimes, one can predict the denomination of a preacher from his voice. From today's passage, Peter and John were identified as people that has been with Jesus in verse 13, with their boldness. More to it was that they were no scholars to any institution of learning, hence they marvelled so well. How we need to be with our Bible daily and Holy Spirit as the lesson teacher to become like Jesus. 

Oftentimes, I'm tempted to say that those called into full time ministry don't need to acquire more and more certificates to propagating the gospel. That what they need is continuous in-filling of the Holy Spirit that would make their boldly spoken words land like fire in the bones of the hearers. In addition to that, should be signs and wonders, accompanying their messages. Those were the reasons the Council got confused but resulted to threatening Peter and John as the crippled man, made whole was still with them there (verses 15-18).

Many a time, persecutors use intimidating words but deep down their hearts, they don't mean it. I realised this when I was threatened to be sent packing for refusing to swear with idols alongside other youths in the village. Believers should stand with whatsoever truth discovered in the Bible like Peter and John that resolve to rather obey God than the council directives (verses 19-20). So ignore persecutors threat like:

1. I will sack or dismiss you,

2. You shall not be promoted in this company,

3. I shall make the house uncomfortable for you and many others. They are all empty threats even if carried out, it would be because God has a better position for the believer. Never for the sake of job security from employers, peers pressure, guardians' devilish demand, deny the faith. Happy Sunday!

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