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Trust In Jesus: Kenneth Copeland Revealed The Prayer You Need To Pray When You Need Healing

A vital message is delivered to those who are ill and hurt by popular American televangelist Kenneth Copeland, who is also the founder of Eagle Mountain International Church Inc. (EMIC). Jesus instructed them to offer a brief prayer if they desired to be healed.

He stated, "Healing involves trust in the name of Jesus." Pray this prayer in confidence, hoping to be cured if you are hurt or ill. Father, I firmly believe that I am healed—I AM—by the stripes of Jesus. Through the power that is in Jesus and his name, I am able to receive it today. "Amen, in the name of Jesus!"

Thus, it is crucial that you have faith in both God's power and the efficacy of this prayer to bring about miracles in your life. If you have faith, you will see what God does in your life. Play with trust instead of skepticism, and watch your illness disappear. God be with us.

Gratitude for reading. 

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