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Reasons you should pray at midnight

Prayer is a way we communicate with God, you can pray at anytime of the day and God will answer you but you need to know that midnight prayer is a sacrificial prayer. There are many reasons you should pray at night, below are some of the reasons:

1. Midnight is the time when mysteries are revealed.

2. Midnight is the time of intimacy and fellowship with the Holy ghost.

3. Midnight is the time divine revelations and Inspirations are birthed.

4. Midnight is the delight of generals and warriors in the vineyard of God.

5. Midnight prayers is what separates boys from men and it is the time your are enrolled in the school of the supernatural.

6. It is the time the evil once are ready to strike, so you stand war against them.

7. It's is the time you reach depth in the things of God and you also increase in the anointing.

Remember, whenever you pray, you should put the garment of sincerity because the devil is also out at that time looking for whom to devour. Life is fun to a natural man but to a spiritual man life is war.

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