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Say These Prayers For God To Help Us In Resolving The Insecurity Of Our Country, Nigeria

Insecurity in Nigeria is at its peak because of its issues like banditry, kidnapping, killings and other negative happenings that have taken the country to the torturing level. This issue of insecurity has gone far to the extend that no single day will pass by without its own issues and bad lucks. As a result, most Nigerians now move and work in fear of the insecurity of the country; since even the security personnel are not left behind. That is to say, both the securities and the civilians are not free from the operations of these wicked fellow.

Therefore, we need help from God Almighty, who is the creator, protector and provider of all things in the world. So that he will take total control of our issues and problems to be resolved in due time as we summit to him in these prayers with faith in him.

So say these prayers for God to help us in resolving the insecurity of our country, Nigeria, saying:

O God our Father in Heaven, you are our creator, protector and provider. You know us more than we know ourselves. So we are saying thank you for all the past blessings that you have shower us; for allowing us to see this very condition and state of our country, Nigeria, and thanking you, also, for all what you have done for us as a country. You deserve all the praise and honour for you are mighty and glorious in all areas of our lives and even beyond and above our powers in Jesus name.

Almighty and merciful God, have mercy on us for the bad things that we have done to our fellow human beings either intentionally or unintentionally; have mercy on us in many ways that we are unable to carryout your love and glory to another level; and also, forgive us all the sins that we have committed with or without our consent, please have mercy us. Forgive us, O merciful Father, for shedding the blood of the innocent souls in various areas of our lives.

Everlasting God, we come to you as a nation, which is Nigeria, to beseech you to help us to resolve this issues of insecurity in our country Nigeria that we may know and welcome peace one more time into our bosom. We need you God to help us in resolving the insecurities our country as the result of the applications of the bad works of bandits, kidnappers and all hidden agents that are against the peace, growth and development of our country, Nigeria, to be brought to an end in Jesus name.

Supreme God, we need you to come and fight against all the agents of insecurity in our country Nigeria. Anywhere their hideout is, may you cause confusion among them to scatter them to make them powerless. Render all their plans and works ineffective in our country in Jesus name.

Almighty God, we need you to fight and correct all our leaders that are mistakenly helping the issue of this insecurity to be promoted, so that they will understand that what they are doing is very wrong and to cut themselves away from them. Help us Almighty Father, to understand, love and care for each other in all manners that we may find ourselves in Jesus name.

Thank you God for answering our prayers, and for making some new positive resolution in our country Nigeria. May you continue to help us to handle all kinds and manners of things that would come our way in future in Jesus name.

For In Jesus most mighty name we have pray and ask. Amen.

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God Bless Nigeria.

Content created and supplied by: JoeSam98 (via Opera News )

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