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Living on the Edge of Disaster

Are you about to crash and burn because your personal life doesn't measure up to the expectations of the ministry? Here are three warning signals to watch for.

1. Anger.

Anger usually results when we feel that we have lost control of a situation or circumstance. Many times we instinctively know that some area of our lives is out of control. That is when we become less tolerant of those around us.

Outward bursts of wrath are easy to detect. Another expression of anger is harder to recognize, but it needs to be viewed as a "red flag" of a troubled heart: sarcasm.

Anger turned inward often comes out in the form of sarcasm. This form of anger is veiled in humor and it may seem harmless, but it has a detectable "edge" to it. It subtly fires darts of hidden criticism.

In Ephesians 4:26-27 we read, "Be angry, and do not sin: do not let the sun go down on your wrath, nor give place to the devil" (NKJV). This scripture is not giving us a license to entertain the emotion of anger. Rather, it is saying that we must deal with this damaging emotion before the day ends. If we don't, we will give place to Satan.

2. The Elijah Syndrome.

A second symptom of spiritual bankruptcy is what I call the "Elijah Syndrome". We first see it demonstrated in the life of Elijah himself. The syndrome is displayed in the infamous church service described in I Kings 18:21-40.

But in I Kings 19:9, we see that in not time at all, Elijah went from basking in the blinding light of God's glory to cowering in the corner of a dark cave. He became imprisoned by despair. When we are facing any kind of difficulty, one of the most effective lies Satan feeds us is that no one can understand what we are going through. "No one else has it as bad as I do," we think.

As a result, we begin to cut ourselves off from those who can offer us wise counsel. We are then left to our own distorted reasonings and perceptions.

Any time Satan can get us to believe that our situation is unique, then he can dismantle us within our self- imposed state of isolation.

3. A Lack of Vision.

The third symptom of spiritual emptiness is a lack of vision. This lack of vision will affect two areas of our lives. The first area deals with the sense of our own life's purpose. Vision brings a sense of purpose that will always provide direction for our lives. Without it, we become slaves to circumstances and the opinions of men.

The second area relates to our personal relationship with Jesus. The neglect of this relationship causes our vision of who and what we are in Him to lack the clarity and conviction necessary for us to make decisions that guard our integrity. As Proverbs 29:18 says, "Where there is no vision, the people cast off restraint, but happy is he who keeps the law."

The end result of a poor relationship with Christ is what I refer to as a "conflict of values." Just as our vision serves as a compass, giving our lives clear direction, our values serve a similar purpose. Are you running on empty? Perhaps you're not there yet - but you know you are getting dangerously close. Don't be afraid to confess and get help.

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Edge of Disaster


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