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Dear Muslims: If You Are Doing Any Of These Acts, Your Prayers Would Never Be Accepted

The five daily prayers are compulsory to any Muslim whether he is rich, poor, and busy. Many Muslims tends to play with their prayers either not doing it on time or not doing it totally.

Below are some of the actions that invalidates prayers completely:

1. Talking while Praying

Muslims are completely banned from talking while praying. If a person talks while praying, then his prayers are referred to as invalid. The prophet ( S.A.W) warned Muslims against talking while praying.

2. Willful negligence of any essential posture of Salah like Rukoo', Sujood, Ablution

Muslim should not willingly skip essential posture like ablution, and Sujood. Anyone who willingly skips one of these should know that his prayers were rejected outright.

3. Uncovering parts of the body that should be covered.

Muslims should cover all their bodies while praying especially females. Allah instructs all Muslims to cover their bodies before praying for him. Females should were Hijab that covers all their sensitive parts while praying.

4. Eating or Drinking

Eating or drinking while praying invalidates prayers. Muslim should completely abstain from eating and drinking while praying. The Prophet ( S.A.W) said "A Muslim should not eat or drink anything while praying".

5 Diverging from the direction of Qiblah

Muslim should not face anywhere while praying except the Qiblah. Muslim are warned against facing other directions while praying. Allah Only accepted prayers that faces the Qiblah.

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