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The five pillars of Islam.

Pillars of Islam are the primary obligation that each Muslim must fulfill in his/her life time.

They are basic in islam considered mandatory by believers and are the foundation of Muslim life,they are summarized in the famous Hadith of Gabriel.

They are:-

(1) Shahadah(profession of Faith):- Muslim bear witness to the oneness of God by believing and reciting the greed.

Shahadah " there is no God but Allah and Muhammad ( S.A.W) is his messenger.

(2) Salah(prayers):- is the ritual prayer of Islam through which Muslim conform to the Will of God.

Prayers are performed in the direction of kaabah (mecca) five times a day.

(3) Sawm(pasting):- is the abstaining from eating, drinking, smoking and sexual intercourse with intention of ebahda from dawn to sun set.

Pasting is performed in holy month of Ramadan.

(4) Zakah(alms giving):- is a prescribed payment of fixed proportions of a Muslim's possessions for the welfare of the entire community and in particular for its needed members.

(5) Hajj(the pilgrimage to the Kaabah):- this pilgrimage to the Makkah and madinah with intention of ebahda in the month of Hajj.

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