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Benefits Of Going To Church On Sunday Morning

Sunday is the first day of the week and a day where Christians go to church to worship God. It is a very special day for Christians due to the fact that they spend a longer period of time in the Lord's presence preparing for the nee week and hearing from God. However, here are 3 benefits of going to church on Sunday:

1. Starting The Week With God

One major benefits of going to church on Sunday are that you will have the benefits of beginning the week with God. It is however important that you put God first in everything we do and starting the week with him is very profitable to us. We are able to thank him for what he did in the previous week and ask him to do more in the new week.

2. Worship

Worshipping God is another benefit of going to church on Sunday. Though it is something you can do in your house but it is very good when it is done among the assembly of saints. You worship the Lord together in spirit and truth. You could get extra motivated by the people around you to worship God more than you have ever done. He deserves it.

3. Fellowship

It is however important that we fellowship with the brethren In the church so that we can be able to encourage one another (Hebrews 10:25). We should make it a habit and we should also see it as a date with God. You should invite friends, families, and neighbors to come and enjoy the fullness of grace in the presence of God. It is very important.

In conclusion, it is important we develop the habits to always find time for God. We should build a genuine relationship with God that will last very long. The more we need Him; the more He needs our sacrifices.

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