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7 Hot Prayers Against Sickness, Please Don’t Ignore!

7 Hot Prayers Against Sickness, Please Don’t Ignore!

Hello my devout followers and readers, we have come to another segment of fervent prayers meant to set us free from shackles and bondage. Sometimes some sickness and disease that we experience is actually not normal and it will require fervent prayers to be able to break free from such sickness and disease. That is why I have dedicated my time to bringing 7 prayers that will free us from sickness and diseases.

1.      I backfire every evil arrow of evil birds, in jesus name.

2.      Every power formulating evil against me, be scattered in jesus name.

3.      satanic power crippling me, I command you to fall down and die in jesus name.

4.      Anybody who has gone into witchcraft for my sake, be disgraced in jesus name.

5.      Every Enemy raising evil pot to control my life, catch fire in jesus name.

6.      Incantations and spells assigned to trap me, scatter in the name of jesus.

7.      Any sickness assigned to destroy my life, die in jesus name.

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