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An act of prophet Elisha that should be a great challenge for present day ministers of God.

Prophet Elisha of the old testament was an apprentice of prophet Elijah who ascended to heaven with a chariot of fire. But Elisha acquired the double power portion of his master Elijah before his(Elijah's) ascension to heaven detailed a greacev. Elisha paid the price of endurance to ensure that he got the double of his master, Elijah. Not all the present pastors can be able to pay such a price in order to access

Prophet Elisha did greater works than his master. Even unto death, because his bone restored life back to a lifeless corpse.

In the new testament, Jesus Christ revealed that whoever will take up his cross and follow after him(Jesus Christ), will manifest greater works than he(Christ) did. The Disciples of Jesus Christ replicated such authority after the ascension of Jesus Christ back to heaven. Because many wonderful works done by the disciples and apostles of Christ Jesus, were all recorded in Acts of apostles.

But it is appalling that many present day pastors have never done one-third of such great works. Because no minister of God has amassed the resurrection of power from the throne room of God. True and f judthese chThey're rather lovers of money and themselvese, than true lovers of God.

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