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Most mischievous people on Earth you need to know

Interesting to see you read this a short piece, kindly follow, share, and comment as you scroll down to the end.

In this article you might be expecting list containing names of some individual, which is absolutely not, rather it's in form of short preliminary statements where we expect you to digest each category. Now, comprehending this, take us to the topic.

You seeing this headline for the first time, your mind should have started figuring out certain people, maybe gun men and their likes. Okay, kindly follow the gist to testify facts;

1. Religion speakers: this comes to the first list because believe, is one of the delicate thing that stick to ones mind, and we all know that every religion have it advocates where we see some individual attained superiority leadership in giving verdicts pertaining to a particular believe. Having gotten that, we can testify that some of this religion heads and speakers calls peoples contrary to the teachings of a particular religion. Obviously this happens due the speaker been; ignorant, self desired, selfish interest. Now, you can see hatred, fight, killings, this had led to, because of religion speekers.

2. Intense lover of power/position: peoples with this habit tend to get rid of anyone that stand their way, once they are in need of a position to head. This people are worst than robbers.

3. Rumor mongers/calumny Carriers: these ones can set a society ablaze instantl

4. Hypocrites: they're very dangerous, fake humbles are deadly, infact one's physical enemy is better than them.

5. Keen lover of wealth: ritualist, oppressors, and the likes fall in this category. They don't care of what ever way, in the name of getting rich. Peoples with this sort of habit, doesn't value others life.

6. Ungrateful poor/ envious poor: these are set of people who don't appreciate other peoples achievement, rather hunt for their down fall. They can go to any extents just to leveled everyone to their state of living and even worst.

7. Low life oppressors: ones you see a person doesn't value animals life, same applies human.

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