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Every Church Needs A Good Choir - Pastor Adeboye

The Redeem Christian Church of God (RCCG), on Friday 7th of May had her Holy Ghost Service with the theme: Overflowing Blessings with Genesis 1vs28 being the bible text.

Ministering was the General Overseer, Pastor E.A Adeboye and he spoke extensively about what as a child of God, you need to do so as to have an overflowing blessings in your life.

1. Joy. Joy can be in categories, 

- Luke 2:10, Great Joy

- Mathew 2:10, Exceeding great Joy

- 1 Peter 1:8, Joy unspeakable. 

All this Joy (Great Joy, Exceeding Great Joy and Joy Unspeakable) can only be found in the Lord. Psalm 16:11

Consequently, the one who stays permanently in God's presence has the ability to always full of Joy.

I decree your Joy will be full. Amen.

When you have fullness of Joy, you are to use that Joy to cancel sorrow in others. 

Peter is the one who spoke about Joy Unspeakable He introduced it to us. He had that kind of Joy that's why he introduced it to us. Peter knew Joy unspeakable. 

Acts 9:36-41 (Peter turned the sorrow of the widows to Joy)

2. Peace. Peace is a tremendous blessing. Peace is in categories, a gift from God. John 14:27, God peace and not the kind of peace any man can give.

- 2 Thessalonians 3:16, Peace, always by all means. 

Great peace have they that trust in Him.

- Philippians 4:7, The peace of God that passes all understanding. Peace so great.

When you have this kind of peace, you are suppose to use this peace to help others who are going through turbulence. 

Peter had that kind of peace and he had it demonstrated in Mark 4:35-41, Acts 12:5-11, 9:36-41. Peter understand what it means to have peace in a storm and he used the peace for others who are passing through storms.

3. Ability to praise God. This is a super blessing. Some of us can't even sing and some of us can't play instrument. If you can't sing, you can make a joyful noise. If you can't play any instrument, atleast you can clap your hands. 

The blessing of praising God is a great blessing because it draws God near you. John 4:23-24, Psalm 67:1-7.

If you have a special ability to praise God, use that ability to help others. Psalm 34:1, 1 Samuel 17:15-23, David have a special ability praising God. David praising God alone drove out demons. He helped King Saul to drive out demons tormenting him. Your praise can bring relieve to others, your praise can draw God near to somebody who needs God desperately.

Every church need a good choir, If the choir sings very well, God will draws near.

If you have the ability to praise God, use it to help others.

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