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Try not to laugh to these 10 funny Photos of church scenario that occurred in Nigeria.

Many scenario has been occurring in Church around the world especially in Africa. From the side of pastor performing miracle, preaching, praying, collecting offering, organizing crusade etc. Below are funny pictures taken from church at the right time; 

This pastor is performing miracle on a lady by using his leg to press her stomach. What sort of miracle is this? 

Heard that before? 

If you are the neighbor, what will you do? 

Nigerians pastor with funny poster just to entice people to come to their church. 

This pastor mean business for holding cutlass this.

This one baffle me " how to identify a witch ".

Naija pastor will not kill person "who wake the sleeping lion" lolz

This one mad o to the extent of using a church member as illustration.

Laboratory church of God. 

This one deep gah, the pastor shows the level of him being Angry " I don taya for this Nonsense ".

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