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Oyedepo Rejoices As He Celebrates 52 Years As A Christian Today (details)

You know, there are people in the christian world, who qualify to be called Fathers. They have stood out by their works and their character, that they have qualified to be called leaders and pillars of the church. One of these people is Bishop David Oyedepo, the general overseer of the Living Faith Church Worldwide. Today, the 19th of February made it exactly 52 years since he became a Christian. He gave his life to Christ on the 19th of February, 1969.

Bishop David Oyedepo was led to Christ through his teacher, Betty Lasher, when he was a boy. She looked at him and convinced him that he needed to have Jesus in his life. Little did she know that she was used as an instrument, to save one of the mighty forces of God in this generation.

At the Covenant Hour of Prayer session today, the Bishop began to recount his adventures so far with God. He shared with the congregation, that he shared his first tract and went on his first outreach in July of 1969, and the person whom he gave the tract to, is a member of the church today. He shared that he preached his first message in 1970, and he built his first church when he was just 19 years old.

Speaking at the Covenant Hour of Prayer, he said he woke up this morning to a song. "There is none like You," the Bishop sang. "No one else can touch my life like you do."

He said that the entry of Jesus into his life totally transformed his destiny. Speaking to the congregation, he gave them several pieces of advice to guide them on their journey in the faith.

"Don't be deceived," he said. "There is no help anywhere except with Jesus. Don't play games with God. Be genuine. Be sincere."

Bishop Oyedepo continued by preaching a message he titled; Soul Winning: A Hidden Treasure. He declared that soul winning was the secret of continuity, both for him and heroes of the Bible like Paul the Apostle. He read from Acts 26:22, that says:

"Having therefore obtained help of God, I continue unto this day, witnessing both to small and great, saying none other things than those which the prophets and Moses did say should come:"

Finally, he led the congregation in prayer for the same order of grace that was on the life of Paul the Apostle, for continuity in the faith to rest upon their lives. And then, he led the congregation to sing the song: All The Glory Must Be To The Lord. He said the purpose of the song was to return the glory to where it actually belongs after all the exploits he has seen in his life.

The life of God's servant Bishop David Oyedepo is a testimony to every single Christian who might be having difficulties in their walk with God. If you feel like quitting, look at his life. You might just have spent maybe 20 years in the faith. He has spent 52, and has never known a better yesterday. Living for Jesus is possible. Ask Bishop David Oyedepo.

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